Isla de Pascua (Pascua Island)

Activity Summary

The magic of Easter Island will surprise you when you arrive, a guide will wait for you at the airport to depart with your itinerary.
Upon arrival at the hotel you can sleep or enjoy the pool, we recommend rest before starting the tour, remember that it is about 5 hours flight more or less from Santiago de Chile.
The days that come to enjoy are 4, a perfect place to ignore and find peace, one of the most visited places in America, including transfers, hotels, tours in addition to a reception at the hotel with a flower necklace. , everything you need to enjoy the mystery of the island and its surrounding beaches, volcanoes, statues of Moai and the incredible sacred places of the ancestors to visit. Finally, a complete vision of the island will be taken of its people and its culture, a unique experience that you will not forget.

Once you arrive on the island, you will be greeted at the airport by a guide with flower necklace typical of Easter Island

You will be informed of the departure time of the tours once your arrival is confirmed.

Activity Details

Day 1: Ttransfer + half-day excursion in Orongo and Kau rano volcano.

You will have a few hours of rest, and then in the afternoon, take a half-day excursion in Orongo, which consists of knowing its culture and the Rano Kau volcano and its crater, nowadays a greenhouse. Then we went to the ceremonial city of Orongo, where the king of the island was chosen.


Day 2: Full day Akahanga, Rano raraku, Tongariki, Te pito kura, Ahu Nau nau, Anakena.

We will start a full day tour where we will visit the tomb of the famous king Hotu Matua and the sacred village of the 15 moais, a place that appears around the world ideal for taking pictures. Then we will visit the special rano raraku volcano, the place to work. the statues and Anakena Includes a box lunch.


Day 3: Ahu Akivi the sacred place

Ahu Akivi is a particular sacred place in Rapa Nui in the Valparaíso Region of Chile, towards the Pacific Ocean. The site has seven moi, all of the same shape and size, and is also known as a celestial observatory that was established around the 16th century.


Day 4: Transfer from the hotel to the airport

We will be at the hotel to take you to the airport, departure time at noon.



USD 1250 (CLP $ 860.000) per person


  • -3 nights accommodation
  • -Professional guide
  • -Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • -Round-trip shared transfer
  • -Airport reception with flower necklace
  • -Tour Orongo
  • -Full day tour Akahanga ,Rano raraku , Tongariki , Tepito kura ,Ahu Nau nau ,Anakena
  • -Snacks
  • Exclusions

  • -Gratuities
  • -Food and drinks, unless specified
  • -Air ticket

    Important informatión

    Departure point: At the hotel

    Departure time: 09:00 Am

    Duratión: 4 days

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    Richard Bangs

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