Sightseeing Wine Tour

Activity Summary

Welcome to Chile a great chance to enjoy with this activity , the  wine is  a tremendous  business  and  the customer  are  very  happy so  the vineyards are  ready  to attend to  the people from different  countries .
Time to  drink  and  share  in a  wonderful  place , Chile today  is  very well know as wine maker country  this a  great seal about this activity on Chile we love the wine and  we  invite to come  our  country  ,during  four  hours  you  will see this  world  and  get  a lot perceptions at  9:00am from the hotel  the  customer begin  the  tour  then we  back  to  the  city  and we leave them at  hotel.

Activity Details

At  9 :00am from  the  hotel  we  are  ready  to start  this  activity  our group is  ready and  the  driver  is taking the better option to get  there to  the  south of  the  city  we  are  planning to go then  once to get  there  wonderful garden as  clever decoration is  so pretty our goal is  to  explore the wine on  Chile, with couple surprise  as well .
On the road everything has been talking about once arrived there the tour guide introduce the area and then the guys are going to the meeting point where is waiting the local tour guide so according to our schedule the tour is starting on time finally, time to walk inside of the park to be near of the plantation big time to take a couple photos and do not forget the tasting. The tour guide continues to the cellar, you will see a very nice architecture around with nice information about the original family how long does it take? more or less one hour and twenty minutes and then you are going to the wine shop , many things to buy, but there the tour guide is will be waiting for  you , next step the group is getting back to the city. We back to the hotel finally.



USD 90 (CLP $ 54.400)


  • -Professional driver/guide
  • -Round-trip shared transfer
  • -Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Exclusions

  • -Gratuities (recommended)
  • -Lunch
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