Wine Full Day tour

Activity Summary

A great panorama in which two vineyards are explored different, and also with the option of knowing the Chilean gastronomy and part of its customs goes to a beautiful valley and with beautiful landscapes that invite to drink a glass of wine and more, the incredible history of how the business was formed in Chile simply ready to enjoy today if for today you will not forget it easily so if you dreams are to be learning about wine Chile is right place to do it  the tour is during 5 or 7 hours the location are so different such as maipo valley or Casablanca valley or Colchagua valley.

Activity Details

As we begin to explore the great world of wine, there is no doubt that Chile as a country is recognized worldwide by this business.
We left the hotel with a direction to the valley and determined, these are the most important of central Chile such as Valle del Maipo – then we come to the vineyard with the reception of the local guides and prepared for the first exploration and with the tastings and gift glass
Chilean wines are high quality a bit of history and also to know much more about wine and its process there is a time to buy then we take a way to a place and the program is ready to stop and have lunch if the tourist wants it, local food is offered with focus of field meal.
A place that shows how picturesque and traditional and sometimes you can see
a couple of dancers dancing the national dance.

After lunch we continue to the second vineyard, to explore the vineyard where they give a gift to the tourists another story or legends that are very interesting and in the hacienda it is allowed to take all the photos that the tourists want plus the Local guides are very technical and the information is very interesting the idea is to spend a day of good wine and drinks and not forget to go to the wine shop and always buy good prices and always help tourists after a very entertaining day we are almost ready to return to the city the tour starts at 9am or 10am in according the program.



USD 156 (CLP $ 102.000)


  • -Professional guide/driver
  • -Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Exclusions

  • -Gratuities (recommended)
  • -Lunch
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