Casablanca Valley Full Day

Activity Summary

It is one of the valleys with the highest growth and is also located in the center of our territory, with a microclimate that provides a very special terroir and temperature to produce a great quality of grapes. This valley has developed very quickly despite being so young with its crops and different types of grapes which call the visitor to visit these beautiful landscapes varieties and mixtures of wines, we visited three vineyards and also the option of lunch (tourists pay their lunch).

This wine business is tremendous and the income from your sales is very important. In Chile we are ready to show the world the production of wine, upon arriving in this country prepare to drink very good wines.

Activity Details

When leaving the hotel early at 9am to start a beautiful day of wines, we head northwest to the famous valley of Casablanca, one of the 15 valleys of Chile, a wine-producing country with world renown for a good highway we leave Santiago and we pass to the valley of curacavi and we arrive at Casablanca, the vineyards they are a group of important vineyards – Veramonte, Santa emiliana, Loma larga, Viñedo re, casa del Bosque, Indomita depends on the arrangement combines.

the wine coming to mix-organic production with the traditional and local guides teams will always be giving you the most information you need and without a doubt the roots and the spirit of work deliver a beautiful job, we remember that we visited three vineyards there is no doubt that we also deliver the best options for lunch, it should be noted that the restaurant of Casablanca have a lot of fame, their food has prestige Today everyone talks about the good combination of wine and food. The photos and beautiful colors is without a doubt a perfect place and also buy Casablanca wines is not to be missed, a valley located about 75 kilometers on average by car is one hour from Santiago where.



USD 170 (CLP $ 108.800)


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