Valle Nevado, Farellones

Activity Summary

Being an explorer is a very special sensation it is what you find on this tour and with the great moment of being in the Andes of south America between 6 to 8 hours long you Will witness the most important ski center in central valley of Chile, then the invitation to discover the mountains their waterfalls and beautiful landscapes, that Will be part of your adventure … Remember that Chile is a hilly country and Will have a lot of adrenaline.

Activity Details

We left the  hotel early to go to the top of the sky centers passing the new part of the city to leave the highway to go to a mountain road so we go to valle nevado and Farellones great  snow valley beautiful ski resorts, climbing and slowly we go higher stop for photos
and also to acclimatize with great opportunities to see part of Chilean wildlife such as condors and foxes from the Andes then when you get to farellones you Will see that is it mountain town but arriving at valle nevado ski center everything is different from what was seen before with its hotels and all its  infra structure is wonderful with European style of great level and the great time for skiing with variety of track and snow quality in addition good restaurant is a wonderful day also with ski lesson snowboard.

As well in this place the famous world of snow we call when returning to farellones you can enjoy at the snow park with your kids here you share a good time with the whole family but when the sun goes away and the sunset comes again we return to the city after.



USD 140 (CLP $ 88.400)


  • -Professional driver/guide
  • -Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Exclusions

  • -Gratuities (recommended)
  • -Foods and Drinks
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